• Julie wanted to know how likely her new customers were to return

    Our guest satisfaction surveying tool allows you to collect valuable feedback from guests visiting your business. Automated, secure and confidential, all you need is permission from your customers to send them a simple questionnaire.

  • The new Barber shop was the talk of the town. Connor needed to know why

    Our competitor secret shops will help to uncover what your competitors are doing in their business, enabling you to better understand what your business may need to thrive in a competitive market place.

  • Despite regular training, retail sales were down. Jenny needed to understand why

    Secret shopping will show you exactly what your business looks like – and how it could look even better – from the guest perspective.  It allows you to accurately measure team performance and better understand if what you are offering is what your guests actually value.

  • As manager of multiple coffee shops, Jonathan couldn't be everywhere at once

    If your business has more than one outlet Catch Praise can help you to measure guest satisfaction, check in with your team motivation and invite secret shoppers into your business to assess the customer journey. Administered from one central dashboard, our assessment tools will help you to have more eyes on your business and help you get an action plan in place.

business insight measurement

What is Catch Praise?

Have you ever asked yourself what really happens when people call and visit your business? Is the experience and your team meeting your vision? Is the service delivered creating loyal fans and repeat customers?

Never before has it been easier to reveal your current successes in business and find the spots that need more of your attention. Catapult your business to the next level. Designed to highlight star performance as much as to uncover deficiencies, Catch Praise delivers measurable performance data which can be used to assist business operators refine their offering, create a stand-out service and address specific training requirements to ultimately improve the business’s bottom line.

Create a survey that reflects the unique journey your guests take in your business, invite your shoppers and real guests to complete your surveys, receive your detailed report, create an action plan…all in one place.

What we do

My Secret shopper

My Secret shopper

We give you the technology and pass on our industry expertise so that you can collect meaningful data from your secret shopper program.

Guest satisfaction surveys

Guest satisfaction surveys

Simple customer surveys to help grow your business

Expert shopper

Expert shopper

In depth analysis of service deliverables in your business by industry professionals

Team Opinion Surveys

Team Opinion Surveys

Before your customers can love your Company, your team must love your Company

Recent client projects

Our Work

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"Service excellence
equals profit, it’s that simple

Secret shopping has long been a part of Mandara Spa’s method of assessing our performance from the guests’ perspective. When we started to use Catch Praise, the data really came to life. That data now informs our business, enabling us to target our training, reward our star performers, identify and develop more star performers and get the entire team focused on delivering service excellence. Our productivity has improved in all areas of the business, which equals increased profit."

Jeff Matthews
President and Chief Operating Officer - Mandara Spa

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